I was asked to get 3 estimates on my vehicle. Is this beneficial to me?

You don’t need 3 estimates; you just need to decide where to get your vehicle fixed. Insurers often ask for more than one appraisal. This is how they keep costs competitive. At Metrotech, we will work closely with the paying insurer to ensure the highest quality repairs for you at the most competitive pricing for them.

I don’t feel the accident was my fault. Can I pursue the other party’s insurance company?

Absolutely! Metrotech will work hard to assist you in processing your claim through the other party’s carrier. If this is the case, you may not have to be concerned with paying a deductible, any rental car costs or premium increases.

Are all collision repair facilities and technicians licensed?

No, unfortunately not. This is why it is important for you to make an informed decision when choosing a repair facility. Look for technician/facility certifications such as A.S.E. (Automotive Service Excellence) and I-CAR (Inter-industry Council on Auto Collision Repair).

Is there a difference in workmanship from repair facility to repair facility?

There is a major difference in workmanship from facility to facility. At Metrotech, we guarantee no diminished value on your repair and back it up with our written Lifetime Warranty. We use only the highest quality materials, parts and technical expertise to restore your vehicle back to its pre-loss condition. We work closely with all insurance companies to ensure all necessary repair procedures are completed on your vehicle.

Will the new paint match the old paint on my car?

Yes!! Metrotech uses the finest acrylic urethane paint available. We take pride matching the color on your car through tinting and blending techniques to ensure a good paint match. This is an additional procedure in the repair to ensure top quality work.

How can I pay for the repairs?

Metrotech tries to make payment as easy as possible. We accept properly endorsed insurance checks, cashier checks, money orders, pre-approved personal checks, and yes, cash.


Odds are you or someone you know will be involved in an accident this year. Here are some helpful hints to follow in the event you are involved in an accident.

  • Stay calm!
  • Turn off your vehicle’s engine and wait for assistance. If you feel threatened in the intersection, pull the vehicle to the side of the road or a well-lit parking lot.
  • Are you injured? Check yourself and seek assistance immediately if necessary.
  • Is it nighttime? Is the area well lit? Is it safe for you to get out of your vehicle?
  • Call the police or your emergency number. WARNING: We have had many customers come to us with incorrect information that was gathered at the scene of an accident. Trying to be helpful or courteous by not contacting the police wound up costing them!
  • Be courteous and tactful to all parties. Make sure your thoughts are clear before you make any statements to the police or insurance personnel.
  • Don’t accept fault, even if you believe it may be your fault.
  • Exchange names, addresses, license numbers and insurance information with all parties involved in the accident. Gather witness information as well.

Contact Metrotech as soon as reasonably possible. We can assist in the processing of your claim whether it is through your insurance or the other party’s. Our claims specialist will get you in a rental car and back on the road in no time!